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Today, it is vital to design a successful user experience (UX Design *) and respond effectively to the demands of its market.

The challenge is to deliver products and services that are popular with their users.

The innovation and design of a successful user experience occur at different levels:

  • in the improvement or creation of a product / service that will create a big change with the existing,
  • in changing a business model for your company,
  • in the organization through the renewal of processes.

People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it - Simon Sinek

Beyond the obvious competitive advantages, this approach provides a great way to federate your teams.

* UX Design = user-centric design.

Our Approach

We concretize your ideas

Through a systemic approach, we put at your disposal our mastery of innovation, Agile methods, digital technologies and UX Design to help you achieve your goals.

In order for your product to be acclaimed by its users, you must first fully understand your market.

Make the right product before doing it well! Alberto Savoia

NovUp is certified in Agility (Scrum.org), Design Thinking (NN/g Certified), Effectuation (EM Lyon), Innovation (Lego® Serious Play®), Lean 6 Sigma, Management 3.0 et UX Design (NN/g Certified, Certification ID number: UXC#1019964 + specialty in Interaction Design).
UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group
Lego Serious Play Certified Facilitator
Professional Scrum Master Certified from Scrum.org
Professional Scrum Product Owner Certified from Scrum.org
Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt
Logo Certification Management3.0

Let's organize your first Design Sprint

Design Sprint is a subtle cocktail that has its roots in Agile methods, Design Thinking and Lean Startup.

Digramme Design Sprint

The promise is to answer a problem in 5 days and for a reduced cost.

The goal is to move from the ideation phase to the user tests to check the value of the idea.

NovUp realizes Design Sprints to help its customers innovate quickly before embarking on expensive projects.

UX Design & Innovation trainings

Highlighted Trainings

Design Thinking: use case innovation

  • Bring the best possible solution to the needs of your users.

    1 day : 1800 € E.T. (≤ 12 p)
    2 days : 3600 € E.T. (≤ 12 p)

Design Sprint facilitation

  • Respond to an innovation challenge in 5 days with the help of a multidisciplinary team.

    1 day : 1800 € E.T. (≤ 12 p)
    2 days : 3600 € E.T. (≤ 12 p)

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