Our TRAINING offer

UX Design & Innovation

Spotlighted Trainings

Design Thinking: usage innovation


    1 day : 750 € HT (inter)
    2 days : 1350 € HT (inter)

Design Sprint Animation

  • Respond to an innovation challenge in 5 days with the help of multidisciplinary team.

    1 day : 750 € HT (inter)
    2 days : 1350 € HT (inter)

And also

Agile Methods

Spotlighted Trainings

Agility: change your way of working


    1 day : 750 € HT (inter)
    2 days : 1350 € HT (inter)

Product Owner Certification

  • Put the odds on your side to become a Scrum.org Certified Product Manager

    2 days : 1350 € HT (inter)

And also

Collective Intelligence

Spotlighted Trainings

Graphic Facilitaiton and Scribing

  • Through drawing, learn how to visually build the work of a collective.

    1 day : 750 € HT (inter)
    2 days : 1350 € HT (inter)

Facilitation of collaborative workshops

  • Learn how to animate a dynamic workshop with creative and energetic participants.

    1 day : 750 € HT (inter)
    2 days : 1350 € HT (inter)

And also

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Registrations of all our courses are accepted until the day before the start date of the training.

All our courses are provided from 4 trainees (and limited to 12).

WHY do you need to train with NovUp?

NovUp is a company specialized in the transformation of organizations that acts on both teams, work methods and products / services.

Our approach is to improve your existing to allow you to invent your future. Also, what better than to develop the skills of the first wealth of your business: the human?

Our goal is to give you the keys to your success and support your teams in their skills:

  • All our courses are led by experts in the field who have proven and verifiable experience in their areas of expertise
  • The courses are enriched by many practical cases and feedback
  • Our animation methods are fun and participative
  • We adapt our training by taking into account individual and collective expectations
  • The training material that is provided to the participants is visual and pleasant to consult


NovUp is certified in Agility (Scrum.org), Design Thinking (NN/g Certified), Effectuation (EM Lyon), Innovation (Lego® Serious Play®), Lean 6 Sigma, Management 3.0 and UX Design (NN/g Certified).
UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group
Lego Serious Play Certified Facilitator
Professional Scrum Master Certified from Scrum.org
Professional Scrum Product Owner Certified from Scrum.org
Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt
Logo Certification Management3.0
NovUp is also a professional training organization declared under n°52440795544 and certified e-AFAQ Professional Training n°2017/77326.1 by AFNOR group, recognized certification by CNEFOP. We are also validated by the Datadock, which also proves that our services perfectly meet the requirements of the decree of June 30, 2015 entered into force on January 1st, 2017.e-AFAQDatadock

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