Our Values

Adapt permanently

Innovation is obviously one of our founding values.

The quest for renewal, the awareness of the imperative need to always seek to excel, to create beautiful stories, to push the limits to open up to new ways to find hitherto unexplored paths.

Make and transmit by passion

It is first of all the passion that drives us.

Passion for what change brings to women and men: well-being, openness to others and innovation.

Passion also for a job that touches the collective interest.

Without this passion, the NovUp adventure would not exist.

Take initiatives

Collaboration and transparency, courage and challenge are all assets to establish a lasting and profitable collaboration with you.

Because there is no future without daring, without taking initiative, we favor for our customers and for us the taste to undertake and the right to the error.

Get out of the box

Convivial, original and fun!

It is not because we are doing serious things that we have to do it seriously: "no tie inside!"

Going through the fun of doing, using humor and promoting otherness are all useful levers for getting the most out of the human.

This is the prerequisite of the performance.

Promote diversity

Favor the difference in the respect of the human, of his individuality.

We preach agility, collective intelligence, empathy and value generation.

We are convinced that kindness, creativity and motivation are the keys to success for a sustainable and collective performance.

Be responsible

The awareness of societal issues, makes us responsible for a common trajectory to meet the challenges of a new paradoxical era of profusion and scarcity.

Seek excellence

The quality and the spirit of service characterize our approach.

To outdo ourselves, to listen to our customers and their users, to understand their cultures, to open up to others and to be enriched by the difference, are for us an absolute requirement.

Be and stay independant

We are independent in our approach, our choices and our ability to offer creative and sustainable solutions.

Our commitment and our word are priceless. For this reason, we will never tell you "Yes" lightly.

Similarly, we will tell you "No" if we have no added value to bring you, if the project does not motivate us (it is the guarantee of the best for you) or if we simply do not have the best skill to offer you. In the latter case, we will propose an alternative through a network of trusted partners.

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