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UX Designer | Facilitator | Agile Mentor

François accompanies the transformation of organizations through an original approach, a concocted recipe based on agility, design, entrepreneurship, collective intelligence and management.

Expert in managerial innovation, product and service, he is also a passionate serial-entrepreneur (5 companies to his credit) who develops new projects permanently. He has an experience of more than 20 years.

Trainer at leading business schools, design and management as well as professional training organizations, François is also a seasoned trainer who has already trained hundreds of students and professionals in the fields of activity offered by NovUp.

Graduated in management of innovation and information technology, François is also certified in Agility (Scrum.org), Design Thinking (NN/g Certified), Effectuation (EM Lyon), Innovation (Lego® Serious Play®), Lean Six Sigma, Management 3.0 and UX Design (NN/g Certified, Certification ID number: UXC#1019964 + specialty in Interaction Design).

» To contact François :

Phone : +33 6 52 68 02 66
Email : francois.amisse[at]novup.fr

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His certifications

UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group
Lego Serious Play Certified Facilitator
Professional Scrum Master Certified from Scrum.org
Professional Scrum Product Owner Certified from Scrum.org
Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt
Logo Certification Management3.0


UX Designer | Scribe | Facilitator

Sophie has over 20 years of rich experience in private and public sector organizations where she has created and developed innovative activities and services for a variety of audiences.

Facilitator, Sophie accompanies the groups in their innovation workshops and organizational changes, including the implementation of methods and techniques from agility and user experience (UX Design).

Expert in Scribing (graphic facilitation), Sophie visually represents the ideas of her clients. Through this visual approach, the group work is enriched and sublimated, which facilitates the participants' understanding and appropriation of the topics.

Graduate in socio-cultural animation and project coordination, Sophie is also trained in Innovation and Scribing, and certified in Agility (Scrum.org) and UX Design (NN/g Certified, Certification ID number: UXC#1024266).

Sophie is a passionated trainer who intervenes with schools and professional training organizations.

» To contact Sophie :

Phone : +33 6 52 32 20 83
Email : sophie.amisse[at]novup.fr

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Her certifications

UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group
Professional Scrum Product Owner Certified from Scrum.org
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