Inspirational or humorous videos

Because it feels good!

Raising a child in Startup mode

By Karim Duval

Welcome to Bulambuli Valley

By entrepreneurs

The "munute", a new unit of time

By Ismaïl Boukili

No need for UX search, we know our users

By most organizations

How to start a movement?

By Derek Sivers

Illustration of the "5 why" technique

By Gérard Depardieu

My company in 2030

By Joël de Rosnay

Encouraging failing

By Steve Jobs

What does creativity need?

By children

The human brain, this great magician

By Albert Moukheiber

Our brain anticipates

By Albert Moukheiber


By Phillipe Gabilliet

How to say hello

By Belmondo and Anconina

The conformity bias

By Solomon Asch

The importance of changing your point of view

By The Guardian

The Chinese brief

By Karim Duval

Emotion in the decision

By Stéphanie Dubal and Etienne Koechlin

The cat plot

By W. Laboury

We're screwed, we think too much!

By Serge Marquis

On what is important

By a teacher

Think out of the box

By American footballers

Collective encouragement

By children

Smart simplicity

By Yves Morieux

What is the role of a leader?

By Jack Welch

Never give up

By the French women's team

We're The Superhumans

By Rio Paralympics 2016

The Fun theory

By Volkswagen

The art of telling stories

By Andrew Stanton

Man's early flight attempts

By Gizmo!

Squiggle birds

By Dave Gray

Think different (VF)

By Apple

Focus on results, not perfect design

By Don Norman

17 years old dial a rotary phone

By 17 year olds

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