Collective Intelligence

For high performing teams

Collective intelligence is the wealth of organizations, since it derives its essence from human capital; which is also a great source of value for companies. The good news is that this source is inexhaustible!

For this, we implement facilitation, a discipline that allows people to work and release collective intelligence.

The facilitator of the group (ideally composed of heterogeneous profiles to increase the creative capacity of the latter), called "facilitator", ensures that each person is involved in the construction of a shared solution, faced with a common challenge and engages in the implementation of the actions that result from it.

We also use graphic facilitation (scribing) to visualize what the group builds in real time.

The benefits of this approach are based on the ability to help the group to build their thinking and to have at the end of the workshop, an attractive and visual report, which usually makes his pride!

Examples of workshops carried out at our customers (not exhaustive):

  • Challenges of teams to innovate in time constrained (Bootcamp, Design sprint, Hackathon)
  • Conduct team building sessions with sequences of serious games
  • Federate a team and share a vision
  • Find all possible answers to a Design challenge
  • Innovate as a team with the Lego® Serious Play® method for all types of problematic
  • (re)Invent the business model of the company (Business model)
  • Make meetings more participative and fun
  • Make the retrospective of a collective time or a project
  • Prepare a strategic's plans for its next fiscal year
  • Think about the organization and / revisit the company processes

Alone, we go faster but to many, we go further - African proverb

Some Workshops

Collective intelligence Trainings

Highlighted Trainings

Graphic Facilitation and Sketchnoting

  • Through drawing, learn how to visually build the work of a collective.

    1 day : 1800 € E.T. (≤ 12 p)
    2 days : 3600 € E.T. (≤ 12 p)

Facilitation of collaborative workshops

  • Learn how to animate a dynamic workshop with creative and energetic participants.

    1 day : 1800 € E.T. (≤ 12 p)
    2 days : 3600 € E.T. (≤ 12 p)

And also

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LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Certification

Novup is certified on the Lego® Serious Play® method, a disruptive approach to collaborative innovation that allows groups to create a real-time action strategy.

Through the use of Lego® bricks, participants bring out unexpected ideas in complex environments.

The "hand-brain" principle and the use of metaphors allow a gain 3 times higher than with any other approach.

The team develops a collective understanding of a problem and then quickly designs projects through stories to make decisions in real time.

At the end of a Lego® Serious Play® workshop, strategic choices and operational action plans are found.

Management 3.0 Certification

Management 3.0 is a new vision of the management; more agile, where the teams are empowered and management is not only the sole consideration of managers but becomes everyone's business.

Leadership pursues the goal of growing and transforming organizations by creating a fulfilling workplace where employees are engaged, work is improved and customers are simply amazed.

This is the future of management, which consists of doing the right thing for your team, involving everyone in improving your organization and encouraging employee engagement.

By implementing the Management 3.0, you leave the "Command and control" world to gain in performance by the commitment and motivation of the teams!

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