Agile Methods

For effective projects

The implementation of Agile methods makes it possible to satisfy the real needs of the users, the commitment and the sustainable motivation of your teams in their projects.

For what kinds of projects ?

Agile methods are applicable to all types of projects. However, they offer excellent results for projects:

  • whose perimeter is still vague, that you have not yet completely framed
  • that require an optimized time-to-market or are very innovative
  • which evolve strongly over time with strong constraints of change

Through an iterative, incremental and adaptive approach, Agile methods help produce better and faster.

Likewise, with help of frequent demonstrations and deliveries, users quickly see the value created during the project. It's the guarantee to stick as closely as possible to their needs but also a great way to accompany the change.

In addition, in case of drift, the team can quickly and easily correct the trajectory, and this at a lower cost.

Finally, the agility mindset provides a fulfilling framework for team members. It makes it possible to involve and strongly motivate project teams that are made autonomous in their organization. The relationship with customers and project monitoring is no longer the sole business of a project manager but of the entire collective.

Our Accompaniment

To facilitate the appropriation of agility and develop the skills of your teams, we usually provide support in 4 steps, which adapts according to your feedback to stick closer to your needs.

As part of our intervention, we rely on the principles of agile methods, creativity, facilitation, the Scrum framework and innovation.

With more than 20 years of experience in project design, development and management, we have a good understanding of the challenges that organizations are facing adn at all levels of the enterprise value chain.

Our Process

To reach the outcomes you expect, we implement a collaborative approach based on continuous improvement.
NovUp Process - EN

Certified Professionals


The Scrum framework has become a standard in the software industry and beyond.

Our experience in coaching and training teams, organizations and individuals coupled with our Professional Scrum Product Owner and Professional Scrum Master certifications from, this guarantees you the quality of our interventions and our mastery of both the founding principles of agility and our perfect knowledge of the associated methods.

Our Principles


The approach adapts itself along time, according to the emergence of needs during the mission. These are the heart principles of Agility, Innovation and Lean Management.


The approach is built together and is based on the principles of agility, the user at the heart of concerns (and therefore innovation) and Lean Management (and therefore continuous improvement).


We implement concrete and inexpensive improvements, by iterations, in order to ensure the relevance of the solutions that we propose to you.

Agile methods trainings

Highlighted Trainings

Agility: change your way of working

  • Adopt agility in your organization to easily adapt to change.

    1 day : 1800 € E.T. (≤ 12 p)
    2 days : 3600 € E.T. (≤ 12 p)

Product Owner Certification

  • Put the odds on your side to become a certified Product Owner.

    2 days : 3600 € E.T. (≤ 12 p) 3 days : 5400 € E.T. (≤ 12 p)

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